Our Nonprofit Mission

Since 1920, the University of Oregon Bookstore/The Duck Store has served the book and supply needs of the University of Oregon.

With locations in Eugene and Portland, we advance and foster the educational goals of the University of Oregon by creating an enduring sense of community among all Ducks — past, present and future.

Be more.

We believe that everyone has the potential to Be more. and our purpose is to provide whatever it takes to get them there.

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Inclusion, Diversity & Action

Choose to Be more.

Realizing the potential of equality requires action.

Only with a true diversity of individuals, experiences and ideas can there be the potential for The Duck Store, the University of Oregon and our community to advance. That progress for all is impossible until we act against racism, bigotry and ignorance oppressing members of our society. We commit to making choices that empower communities who face discrimination and marginalization, and seek out team members and partners who stand with us in a drive towards equality.

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