Sharpie Fine Marker

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$0.25 to $1.99

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  • Description

    Permanent markers with high intensity ink, Sharpies are quick-drying and proven permanent on most surfaces, such as metal, glass, plastic, foils, rubber, waxed paper, film and circuit boards.

    07164130034Sharpie Fine Green
    07164130035Sharpie Fine Yellow
    07164130036Sharpie Fine Orange
    07164130037Sharpie Fine Brown
    07164130038Sharpie Fine Purple
    07164130051Sharpie Fine Black
    07164130052Sharpie Fine Red
    07164130063Sharpie Fine Blue
    07164130127Sharpie Fine Aqua
    07164130128Sharpie Fine Berry
    07164130129Sharpie Fine Lime
    07164130133Sharpie Fine Turquoise
    07164132081Sharpie Fine Magenta
    07164132082Sharpie Fine Tangerine
    07164132083Sharpie Fine Sky Blue
    07164132084Sharpie Fine Mint
    07164132086Sharpie Fine Peach
    07164132088Sharpie Fine Lilac
    07164132089Sharpie Fine Pink

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