Landmarks Unlimited Oregon Natural Wonders 4" Sticker Bend

Product Code: Landmarks Unlimited Oregon Natural Wonders 4" Sticker Bend

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Bend is Central Oregon’s largest city located on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountain Range. The city sits along the Deschutes River famous for whitewater rafting and fishing. Until the early 1800s, the area was known only to Native Americans. Its high desert climate and scenic geography makes it a destination for outdoor enthusiasts including hiking, mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, and skiing.

The city is increasingly known for its flourishing art scene and microbreweries. The Oregon Cities and Towns Collection highlights the distinctive architectural traditions and geographic diversity across the state. In the 1840s, the Oregon Trail brought many new American settlers to the Oregon Country leading to the development of cities and towns across the region. The Oregon Territory was created in 1858 and became a state the following year. A majority of Oregon residents live within the Willamette Valley, a lush, fertile area dotted with vineyards, farmland, and the state’s largest cities and towns.

 Dimensions: 3.5" width x 4" height Material: Vinyl Designed in Portland, OR