Faber-Castell Metallic Art Marker Set 6 Count

Product Code: Faber Castell Metallic Art Marker Set 6Ct

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Faber-Castell Metallic Markers for artists have a 1.5mm nib making them a great marker for adding precise detail to art or for calligraphy and hand lettering Marker set comes with 6 shiny colors: Heart of Gold, Nothing Else Metals, Cooper Copana, Berry Nice, Ice Blue and Wanderlust Works on a variety of different surfaces such as rocks, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and more! The shiny ink will also show up on textured, dark and colored paper Metallic markers work with your favorite die cutting machine! Markers are ready to use right away, no priming or pumping needed High quality markers will not bleed through paper, are smudge and splash proof after drying! Place your metallic art in the oven for 30 mins to make them waterproof