Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolors 15ml Tube

Product Code: Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolors 15ml Tube

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These luminescent watercolors add that touch of special color found in nature that regular colors cannot match. They're made from mica pigment, thin transparent particles coated with highly reflective metal oxides. They show best as glazes over darker colors and are excellent mixed with other colors adding a bit of their luminescent glow. The duochrome colors contain one pigment that bounces between two colors causing a color shift. Interference pigments display a subtle sheen and they cause refraction where a particle of light enters the paint/pigment matrix and scatters light. Iridescent colors reflect light and their semi-transparent quality adds a fascinating sense of depth to artwork. Pearlescent colors add opalescence - like an opal or pearl - to the color it's mixed or glazed with. The watercolors are wonderful for painting the special visual effects found in nature such birds' feathers, insects, fish, seashells, flowers, metals, light on water and more.