Black Nike Cuffed Acrylic 'Ohana Action Green O Beanie

Product Code: Black Nike Cuffed Acrylic Ohana w/ Action Green O Beanie

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  • Classic Oregon O logo 
  • 'Ohana design 
  • Nike Swoosh 
  • Patch application 
  • Cuffed beanie 
  • Acrylic 
  • Hand wash 
  • Imported 


Ohana- Properly written: 'Ohana, Translated from Hawaiian to English: Family (Written with an 'okina in front of the O in 'Ohana. An 'okina is known in the Hawaiian language as a glottal stop, is written as a backwards apostrophe, is considered part of the Hawaiian Alphabet, and is used to accentuate the letter that follows it).

The pattern that fills the "O" is called: Lau hala, Translated from Hawaiian to English: Pandanus leaf. Representation: This design is often used in representation of family, as the leaves (lau) from the Pandanus or screw palm (hala) are used to weave together many things such as sails, mats, pillows, fans and many other items, the strength that these items posses and gain as the weaving continues is represented in family. Many members continuously woven together for a strong and durable support.